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Ascain 2007

the Pottok judge in the Basque country

  Linie Pottok Ponys in Ascain

On 21 July 2007 the Pottok Breeding show started in the Basque country village Ascain / Azkaine, France.
It was accomplished by the French breed federation, the Association National du Pottok.

Linie The winner cups for the best breeders

The winner cups were available already on a table.
At a further table one could acquire Pottok fan article such as stickers, T-Shirts, cups and cloths of the A.N.P.

Linie the mares at the walls

The mares were lashed along the walls.
Their foals could move freely.

Linie the youngest Pottok filly in Ascain

The youngest filly was only few days old.

Linie a Pottok mare with her filly is shown to the judge

At the place two demonstrating fields were separated by stopper grids.

Linie a Pottok mare with her filly in trot

They judge the Exteriors of the Pottok Pony's and their walk and trot.

Linie a Pottok Pony with a bell hanging on his neck

Many Pottok Pony's had a bell on the neck, which they carried also on the pasture.

Linie a Pottok Pony mare without horseshoes

The horses had not fitted.

Linie a happy young Basque boy with his Pottok Pony

Their owners were lucky over the breeding honours.

Linie different fire characters at Pottok-Ponys in Ascain

The multiplicity of the fire characters was remarkable.
But not each Pottok was branded.

Linie a Pottok filly in Ascain

At the end the people went into the restaurants and strengthened themselves by a meal.
Many Pony's were still there and the fillys could explore the environment.

Linie Pottok Ponys in a transporter

Later the Pottok Pony's were brought back to the pastures.


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