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Swiss 2003

The Pottok-Breeding-Show in Bern 2003

Linie three-year-old Manex

At Sunday, 14. of September 2003 at 8.00 am the Pottok Breeding show started in Bern, Switzerland. The same as last year, the Pottoks were the guest breed of the SVPK, Sektion Thun, in Bern.
  From France came Mr. Dominique Perret, Präsident A.N.P. and Mr. Jean-Pierre Bordachar, technician Haras du Pau, as show judge. Together with Oda Münch, judge SVPK, they judge by rate the shown Pottoks.

Linie three-year-old Mendi

On Sunday morning the first Pottoks must be there for identification. At 08.30 am the three years old Pottoks, mares and geldings, were judged one by one. They judge the Exterieur in stand and then afterwards in walk and trot.

Linie three-year-old  Mendaro

All Pottoks were very correct in Fundament and with good walk and trot. So all Pottoks got a recognition!

Linie 1. rank three-year-old Minga

After that, the horses were registered. In the class of the 3 years old mares and geldings they were all children of the stallion Hydravion. The best of them was Minga

Linie 2. rank three-year-old Mandolina

and Mandolina with their powerfull and fluent flying movements. The other 3 horses had no large differences to one an other, so the judges didn`t register them.

Linie  mares with foals 1. rank Kaja-Kinsha

In the classe of the mares with foals the winner was Kaja-Kinsha. The second was Helicee Sonnenberg and Gaixua.

Linie 1. rank foals Piroschka

At least both colts/fillies of this year were judged. The best was Piroschka!

Linie 2. rank foals Pintxa dŽArtzalde

the second was Pintxa d'Artzalde.

Linie Huppe de la Nive

So the show was over. Because of a Program delay, the planned Riding show with the Pottoks was cancelled.

Linie Karin Held & Datzia, Bern 2002

Thank you to all the people who helped for this event. I hope we'll see them again next year........  

Karin Held

(Short translation by Monika Kind, Erla, Flossie)


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