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the Pottok stallion - O du Sonnenberg - at the studfarm Elevage du Bruehli
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Why a Pottok?

A Pottok, is a very beautiful nature, partially improved with an Arab.
Yes, you can say, it is approximately like a Paint Horse only somewhat smaller.
A Pottok is super suited for the tournament.
They have very beautiful paces.
Pottoks are very intelligent and by no means intractable.
A Pottok can be just as good as a large horse.
In addition they are very durable.
But it depends always on how good someone is training with his horse.
A breed goal is thus,
the robustness improved with a peace of beauty combine,
a Pottok results in

We are breeding durable, beautiful Pottoks with official papers.
We speak English, German and French and answer gladly your questions.

Pottok Pony stud farm Elevage du Bruehli
Alexandra André & Weiss Etienne
Lieu dit Bruehli
67600-Ebersheim (Frankreich)
Tel. ++33 (0)388 858861

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