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the Pottok Pony stallion O du Sonnenberg
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Biarritz 2006

As O du Sonnenberg was three years old, we started to ride him.
Everything worked super also jumping.
He was jumping super highly.
Only the confidence to certain fences was missing to him.
That was our disaster as we were in Biarritz in 2006.
The fences of the course where totally different to these we practised at home.
He refused, he simply didnīt want not to jump.
At the next morning, before we went home, we jumped the course again.
O du Sonnenberg was taken all the fences without a mistake!
One time I took the course, the next time my friend.
Both of us the tears were rolling down.
If we could turn back the time!
But we knew now that our Pottok stallion O du Sonnenberg could jump the complete course!

  Elevage du Bruehli- the Pottok-Pony studfarm