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the Pottok mare Katixa de la Rhune
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Katixa de la Rhune

When we wanted to drive home, the breeder came to us and said, that he has a beautiful mare for us.
No wild, but one, which is used in the riding stable for the riding hours.
We were so sad and said to him that, if our stallion does not become certified, we also need no more mare.
We thought, our Pottok breeding is lost. As if it was the beginning of the end.
But the mare Katixa de la Rhune was really super beautifully.
She is a daughter of the Pottok stallion Urkila and was born 1998.
If we drove home with one or two Pottoks doesn't matter at all.

  Elevage du Bruehli- the Pottok-Pony studfarm