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the Pottok Pony breeding stallion Ramses du Chahatoa, Pottok Sektion B, F-83 673 493 A, 140 cm, brown and white, 1983
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Ramses du Chahatoa

We called Mr. Blank and asked him for a breeding stallion.
He said, he give up his stud farm.
But he could sell us the Pottok breeding stallion Ramses du Chahatoa (1983), who is the father of O du Sonnenberg.
If we want, we can breed with him.
With Ramses is our breed continued provisionally.
Ramses covered in the year 2007 Heidi du Val and Katixa de la Rhune.
We are strained on our Pottok breed class 2008!

  Elevage du Bruehli- the Pottok-Pony studfarm