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the Pottok Pony studfarm -Elevage du Bruehli-

 the Pottok mare Heidi du Val

One day we were searching a pony for our daughter.
We found the Pottok Pony Heidi du Val.
Heidi was born in 1995.
Her father is Moustic II and her mother is Urunga de Chahatoa.
Then we searched a breeding stallion for Heidi.
We drove to Mr. Blank and decided us for Duk .

Linie the Pottok stallion O du Sonnenberg

When we saw the Pottok stallion O du Sonnenberg we fell in love and bought him.
He is the son of Ramses du Chahatoa.
He was born in the year 2003. We wanted O du Sonnenberg to be judged for breeding.
We join in to the Pottok breeding association ANP. But our stallion was just two years old.
We drove without him to Biarritz to see the procession of such a judge.
When we saw it, everything seems really easy.

 the Pottok Pony Reve de la Rhune

In the summer of the year 2005 we went to the judge of the Pottok breeding mares in Bidarray.
There we saw the Pottok Pony Reve de la Rhune.
He looked so nice. We asked the breeder if Reve is for sale and really, we could buy him.
We made an appointment for the next morning to see his herd in the mountains.
We were interested to see the parents of Reve.

 the Pottok Pony Rain de la Rhune

When we arrived the herd, we saw the other fillys.
We came to buy only one Pottok, but at leased we bought three.
We took Reve, Rain de la Rhune and

 the Pottok Pony Ritka de la Rhune

Rikita de la Rhune.
But the Pottok fillys were still to young; they have to stay until October.
We drove to Ascain in October 2005 to get the horses an have some holydays.

 the Pottok Pony mare Kalima

In this holydays we made five horses out of three.
We also took the Pottok fillys Kalima and Roseline.
We choose Kalima because she is black and white in a nice way.

 the Pottok Pony mare Roseline

We like Roseline because she is beautifully dark-brown spotted.
They will bring our Pottok breeding more colour.

 the Pottok stallion O du Sonnenberg

As O du Sonnenberg was three years old, we started to ride him. Everything worked super also jumping.
He was jumping super highly. Only the confidence to certain fences was missing to him. That was our disaster as we were in Biarritz in 2006.
The fences of the course where totally different to these we practised at home.
He refused, he simply didnīt want not to jump.
At the next morning, before we went home, we jumped the course again.
O du Sonnenberg was taken all the fences without a mistake!
One time I took the course, the next time my friend. Both of us the tears were rolling down.
If we could turn back the time!
But we knew now that O du Sonnenberg could jump the complete course!

 the Pottok mare Katixa de la Rhune

When we wanted to drive home, the breeder came to us and said, that he has a beautiful mare for us.
No wild, but one, which is used in the riding stable for the riding hours.
We were so sad and said to him that, if our stallion does not become certified, we also need no more mare.
We thought, our Pottok breeding is lost. As if it was the beginning of the end.
But the mare Katixa de la Rhune was really super beautifully.
She is a daughter of the Pottok stallion Urkila and was born 1998. If we drove home with one or two Pottoks doesn't matter at all.

 the Pottok filly Shafira du Filou

On 4 June 2006 Shafira du Filou was born.
She is the daughter of Heidi du Val and Duk.
She was so beautiful, so we did not want to give up our Pottok breeding at all.

 the Pottok breeding stallion Ramses du Chahatoa

We called Mr. Blank and asked him for a breeding stallion.
He said, he give up his stud farm.
But he could sell us the Pottok breeding stallion Ramses du Chahatoa (1983), who is the father of O du Sonnenberg.
If we want, we can breed with him. With Ramses is our breed continued provisionally.
Ramses covered in the year 2007 Heidi du Val and Katixa de la Rhune.
We are strained on our Pottok breed class 2008!

 the Pottok breeding stallion O du Sonnenberg

O Sonnenberg was judged in Biarritz in March 2008 by the ANP.
He got the second place in his age-group.
Now he is an offical Pottok breeding stallion!


 the Pottok stallion - O du Sonnenberg - at the studfarm Elevage du Bruehli

We speak English, German and French, we gladly answer your questions.
Pottok Pony stud farm
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