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The 21 year old brown and white Pottok Pony mare Sagua, Pottok Sektion A, F-84 038 868 D, born 30.April 1984, Breeder: M. Jean Baptiste Halty, F-Bassussary
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The 21 year old brown and white Pottok mare Sagua reserved the fourth place.
She is bred the daughter of the stallion Lhaun and the mare Naria,
by Jean-Beptiste in Bassussory/France.
She is in possession of Deborah Boss in Kestenholz/Switzerland.
Her stick measure amounts to 138 cm.
She was imported in the summer 2005 into Switzerland.
There she was inserted both in the breed and use the sport.
Sagua brought already eight foals to the world,
from which some were very successfully in the sport run.

Burgdorf 2005 - the Pottok-Breeding-Show