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Lord Charly von Asgard

Lord Charly of Ásgard

the male cat goes on journey

there were too much cats on the farm

Briefly before Christmas 2004 the black-and-white cat Peggy emerged on the Süsshof. She simply fished herself my fodder of my plate and had at all no respect for me. Thus I decided to emigrate after a few weeks. I ran into the direction, into which my tin-opener always drove of in the evening. I met a group of cats at the periphery of the village and got there also something to meals.

the male cat Lord Charly thinks about leaving the farm

My tin-opener looked desperately for me. Finally she received after a few weeks a reference, that I would be at the bus stop at the periphery of the village. She fetched me and brought myselves back to the horsefarm Süsshof. There I bore it only briefly, because the cat Peggy was still there. I moved away again and found the way back to the group of cats.

the male cat Lord Charly at his new home

Five weeks later, I met my tin-opener again, while she distributed search posters of me. We were both glad to have found on another. She took me into her car and brought me to her home. At the next morning she brought me to the veterinary surgeon. He controled and inoculated me. Then we went back into the new home.

Lady Caroline, the she-cat of the home

Here the Brithish Shorthair cat "Lady Caroline" lives for some years. She welcomed me distrustfully, jealous and with wild hissing. When I approached however on her, she ran away, as fast as she could.

the cat Charly is sleeping

Many things were new for me. In one place in the evening always emerged humans, animals and strange things and made noises. Then I fast hid myself. After some days I noticed that they do not pursue to me and I therefore have not to bring myself in security. Now I sleep even thereby, my tin-openers then also always in the proximity and observe everything.

the cat Lord Charly looks through the cat door

In the house there are in the large people doors also small cat doors to which one can look through. First I did not understand, how I could open them. My tin-opener opend the cat door for me and I went through the flap carefully. Sometimes unfortunately Lady Caroline sits on the other side and waits for which I go through, in order to wipe me one. Otherwise one would be good mechanism, for times no servant is there.

the male cat Charly outside

One week later I was also allowed to go outside. There the neighbour male cat already set his smell marks. I also naturally marked directly my district out.

the cat Lady Caroline didnīt accept Charly

The cat Lady Caroline did not want to accept me after one month yet and hissed loudly each time we met. Thus my tin-opener decided to return me again to the studfarm Süsshof.

the male cat Charly had settled himself for staying at his new home

There arrived, I started immediately, in order to find my new home again. On the next day I had reached the familiar garden. Bad luck, Lady Caroline, I donīt let hunt myself any longer from here. Also the merciless neighbour male cat, with which I once fight a duel at least each week, does not remove myself from here!

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