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Lord Charly of Ásgard

Lord Charly of Ásgard

(my little one) a grey tiger-cat

Charly is tired

In January 2000 I appeared at the stud-farm " Ásgard ".
At that time I felt bad.
From many fights with other tom-cats, I had a lot of bite wounds.
Mites were itching my ears, so I scratched away my skin under my ears until it bled.
My fur was full of fleas.
It was painful for me to use my left front paw, so I hobbled.
I was very hungry and couldn`t catch any micebecause my teeth were mostly broken and many had fallen out.

It was time to find a human tin-opener!

the cat Charly is hungry

The people on the stud-farm didn't understand me immediately, so I miaowed, until I finally got something to eat.

the male cat Charly runs away

First I ran away when the people came too near to me because I was not sure if they want to catch me.
But at least I let them touch me softly.
But a few days later, they bound a cat-line around my neck and took me away in a car.
I hid frightend under a blanket.
What was going on????

The eyes of the cat Charly

They brought me to the animal-doctor.
There were other cats and dogs waiting.
But they were not as cheeky as in other places. They were also frightend.
When we entered the doctor's room, my human tin-opener put me on a cold metallic desk.
The animal-doctor looked in my ears, my eyes and my mouth.
He combed my fur and examined my body. He gave me an injection.

the male tigered cat Charly

My human tin-opener got something against my fleas, an ointment against my mites, and the next date with the doctor.
We visited him five times.
I got vaccinations against Rabies, against Feline infections Enterities and Respiratory Viral Disease.

the cat Lord Charly of Ásgard

When my human tin-opener got the bill, I got a title of nobility from her.
For a simple street cat like me, she had to pay a high price.

Because of this, you can call me now "Lord Charly of Ásgard".

the cat Charly at dinner

My human tin-opener serves me every evening a tin of cat food on a plate.
Because I donīt drink enough, she mixes my food with a bit of water.

the cat Charly cleans himself

After the meal, I clean myself.

the cat Charly and his tin-opener Moni

To cuddle I prefer my female tin-opener.
Unfortunately she pays more attention to the horses than to me.

the cat Charly is sleepy

I have different places to sleep.
But I donīt tell you where.
Otherwise I have no more peace there.

the cat Charly on the pasture

In the summertime I often sit in the pasture and watch beetles and grasshoppers.

the cat Charly sits on the warm hood of the tractor

In the wintertime I like to sit on the warm hood of the tractor or I lay on top of a heap of little stones.
From there I can observe everything.

the cat Charly follows his tin-opener

If my tin-opener brings her pony back to the pasture after a ride, I sometimes follow them.
Then she carrys me back to the stables.
So I get my own kind of riding.

the three coloured neighbour cat

Sometimes a neighbour cat visits me and my filled plate.
She is a three coloured lucky-cat.
Sometimes, she gets on my nerves, because she eats so much faster than I do, and she is always there, when a tin is opened.
She also wantes to be stroked instead of me, so I slap her in the face.
She cant have everything that is mine!

another strange cat

Again and again strange cats appear on the farm and dispute my rights to my food and my place.
This one here, I like to see him go.
Wouldnīt any tin-opener come and offer him his own castle?

the cat friends of Charly

Now I have two male-cat friends: Tiggi & Balou.
They play with me!

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