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E-Mail to: Moni

Monika Kind
Hohlgasse 10
D - 79736 Rickenbach - Hottingen




I want to say: "thank you" to all the kind people who helped me to create this website and to translate them into the international web language English. Due to lack of time I donīt have time to control all "outside" links. If someone discovers a link that is not appropriate for children, please inform me straight away by email so I can remove the link straight away.
If anybody want to tell me a mistake, please contact me and help me to correct it!
"Thank you very much!"
Monika Kind


Cats - eMail Addresses and Links

Linie E-Mail to: Charly

Lord Charly
of Ásgard

Im Süsshof 8
D-79736 Rickenbach


Pottok Pony - eMail Addresses and Links

Linie Pottok-Pony im Galopp

A rider without a horse...
is only a human

  A horse without a rider...
is still a horse

A saying from the empire of Dschingis-Kahn    


   SVPK Sektion Pottok Pony
   Bruno Boss President and Secretariat
   Oensingerstrasse 2
   CH-4703 Kestenholz
   Tel ++41 (0)062 393 23 89


   APM therapist for horses - Animal kinesiology - Organetik
   Karin Held  
   Praggmartin 229a
   CH-7231 Pragg-Jenaz
   Tel ++41 (0)81 332 39 95
   Mobil   079 71 55 036      to the Video of Katallin and Datzia, the Pottok Ponies of Karin Held at

Linie Pottok of the Pottok-Pony studfarm Elevage du Bruehli in Alsace, France

The adress of the Pottok-Pony studfarm Elevage du Bruehli in Alsace, France: with the official breeding stallion O du Sonnenberg judged by the ANP in Biarritz 2008!
   Alexandra André & Weiss Etienne
   Lieu dit Bruehli
   Tel. ++33 (0)388 858861
   the homepage of Elevage du Bruehli:

Linie Pottok of the Pottok-Pony studfarm Elevage du Sonnenberg in Alsace, France

An adress of a Pottok-Pony studfarm in Alsace: this breeder stops breeding and has only one stallion (Duk) to sell:
Daniel Blanck
61 rue du Sonnenberg
F- 67370 Truchtersheim
Phone ++33 (0)388 696263

Linie Link to

The HARAS DES GRANDS JONCS MARINS with frence website and slideshow
112 route d'Héronchelles
Tél. : +33 /
Fax : +33


To the french horse sale website of Pottok Ponys EQUIRODI

To the actual and informative website of Christian Pubert about Pottok-Ponys in French and German :

   A Pottok-Pony breeder in France:

   Christian Pubert
   Haras de la Noue
   F- 85310 Chaillé sous les Ormeaux
   Phone ++33 (0)247 580278


To the French web page of the Pottok Pony breeding federation: Association Nationale du Pottok "ANP"
  Pottok Pony dates in France:

    horse markets of the Pottoks de montagne in the Basque country:
   - 25./26. January 2011 at Espelette (allways the last Tuesday and Wednesday in January)
   - in March at Helette
   - 31. July every year at Garris the most traditional event
   - in November at Helette
     the national breeding show of the Pottoks de montagne:
   - in March in Helette
   - in March at Biarritz
  - in July on 3th saturday at Sare the National Pottok Show for mares and fillys
   I canīt guarantee that the events are starting at this dates. Please take contact to the tourist offices of the villages to be sure.

  Linie Pottokak Pony Videos at

  spanish Pottokak Pony Videos at  
  france Pottok Poney Videos at  
  Pottok Pony Videos at


More informative Links


      a poem:


The horse
The horse he has four Legs on
in every corner one
and if he had none
drops on


from unknown, translation by Moni      


More Infos about the german village Rickenbach in the south of the Black-forrest:

Linie Link to the Platzhof

Infos about the youth hostel with horse-riding "Platzhof" in english language:


A german and english website to plenty questions of the live.


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                         Pottok Standard A - the French breeding description of the Pottok Ponys group A
                         Pottok Standard B - the French breeding description of the Pottok Ponys group B
                         The Pottoka - the spanish Poni Vasco Navarro
                         Bern 2003 - the Pottok-Breeding-Show
                         Burgdorf 2005 - the Pottok-Breeding-Show
                         Elevage du Bruehli- the Pottok-Pony stud farm
                         Ascain 2007- the Pottok judge in the Basque country
                         La Rhune 2007- the mountain of the Pottok Ponys
                         Garris 2007- The horse market in the Basque country

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