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Mirabelle in gallop

The Pottok-Pony Mirabelle

Linie the Pottok Pony mare Mirabelle

Hello, I am Mirabelle (yellow plum), a black and white Pottok-Pony mare.
The spanish call me Pottoka "Mirabella" !
I am 53 inch high.
I was born in 1989.

Linie Europe map, double click to see more

We, Pottoks, are an old French and Spainish pony-breed and originate from the French province " Pays Basque ".
It is based in the western Pyrenean, the mountain between France and Spain.
Our job was the transportation of smuggling goods.
We are sure footed, robust and independent.

Linie Moni and the Pottok-Pony Mirabelle at the saddle place

In 1993 I was sold by a horse-trader to a youth hostel with horse-riding Platzhof near Kandern.
There were always many children.
First, I taught them riding, and then I taught them flying.
So the riding teacher thought about selling me.
A riding student (Moni) was interested in buying me.
After half a year of thinking about that, she purchased me.

Linie Moni & the Pottok Pony Mirabelle

I didnīt notice much , because I stayed for another year at the Platzhof.
Moni had more riding lessons with me.
She did not only learn the correct aids in riding me.
First I wanted to know, who is boss, - Moni or even better me!
So I tested her in the rodeo way.
It's a pity; I could neither throw her off nor discourage her.

Linie The Pottok Pony Mirabelle at a pasture below the Süsshof

Finally, I was brought to my new home near Moni: in "Hottingen" to
the Icelandic horse farm "Ásgard".
The Icelandic horses (Iceys) and the Pottoks look pretty much the same.
The Iceys are more hairy because the breed developed in the cold northern Iceland.
In contrast to the them; I like a little more distance to other horses.

Linie The Pottok Pony Mirabelle impress the young mares

As I met the first Icey-group, I took the last position. One year later, I came into another group.
They all ran straight to me, to smell at me.
I lost my head and ran away impressing everyone with my lifted tail.

Linie The Pottok Pony Mirabelle impress some older mares

A year later, I came to a new Icey-group.
I turned the table; I galloped to them impressing them with my lifted tail like a stallion.
I circled them for an hour.
So I became number one in this group!

Linie For the Pottok Pony Mirabelle it is boring in the stable

My favourite hobby is eating.
But I have a hoof problem (laminitus) because of this.
A horse can get this disease, if it eats too much fructan containing foot.
Because of this in spring time I am not allowed to go at the pasture.
I don't like to stay in the stable.
I also have a bacon neck. The blacksmith recons that my neck may taste good in fondue.

Linie The Pottok Pony Mirabelle on the pasture in winter

Possibly the Pottoks were in need of fat reserve in the early times to survive the strong winters on the mountains.
As well as in the Pyrenean, the winter in the " Black-Forrest " is with a lot snow and less grass at the pasture.
But the humans give us hay and straw to eat.
So we donīt suffer from hunger.

Linie The Pottok Pony Mirabelle makes the compliment

Mostly I like to eat dry bread, carrot and apples .
If I get a piece of dry bread, I think about the reason as to why my human gives me so much good food.
So I learned many methods to get good dry bread, to fill my stomach.
If I get nothing, I learn nothing.
I won't be praised by being touched.

Linie The Pottok Pony Mirabelle on the riding-way

Nearly every day, Moni is rides me in the forest.
When we pass a paddock, she stops me to observe the horses.
Meanwhile I am allowed to eat the delicious grass.
Much too early she calls: it goes on! Than I quickly stuff as much grass as possible in my mouth to eat while walking.
Of course, I remember every place I was allowed to eat.
I am sure the next time we pass it; I will be allowed to eat there again.
In any case, I will try to do it!

Linie The Pottok Pony Mirabelle in trot

If we meet on the way someone with a plastic bag, I always think, there is dry bread inside for me.
So I stop in front of them and hope they will give me some bread.
Sometimes we walk along the country road.
I used to be afraid of the roaring trucks passing by.
I wanted to run away.
But if I stand brave, I get a piece of dry bread as a reward. Now, every time a vehicle passes by, I stop and look for a reward.

Linie The Pottok Pony Mirabelle

Sometimes on the way I have to leave the digested food.
For this I leave the path and deposit my droppings on the side.
As a smuggler-pony I won't betray the smuggler-path; and on a fast flight I would possibly slip on it. Nobody had to teach me that.
My rider is not very good in makeing decisions.
She has, apparently, not a good sense of direction.
For this reason I have to show her the shortest way to the stable by going in the right direction.
If she wants to choose a longer way, I simply stop. So she can rethink her decision again.

Linie The Pottok Pony Mirabelle rolls hereself

After riding the best thing for the horseback is to roll around extensive.
That loosens and relaxes the muscles.
At the same time my skin gets dirty.
The flies and the riders don't like that and avoid me for a while.

Linie The hoofs were formed by the farrier

I use to have hard hoofs and was able to walk without horse shoes.
But because I eat too much fructan content grass I got hoof-problems.
On my front hoofs the soft white line has spread so much that little stones could be quickly run into my hoofs, causing me pain.

Linie Mirabelle's hoof were cut in form

So the farrier visits me again and again.
First, he took away the old horseshoes, then he cuts and rasps the hoofs.
It feels for me like a human would feel when cutting his finger nails.
I always enjoy it.

Linie  With a lot of smoke the glowing iron singes regulary into the horn

The right sized shoes were chosen and heated in a gas burner.
The glowing iron is held with a plier against the lower site of the hoof-horn.
With a lot of smoke it singes regulary into the horn and closes tiny openings.
The glowing iron is dropped into a bucket of cold water to cool it down quickly.

Linie Mirabelle's hoof shoes were nailed

The cold shoe is nailed from below at the hoof.
The farrier has to nail very well without touching the white line.
Otherwise I be in lot of pain like a human who gets something between this nail and his fingers.

Linie the new hoof shoes

At the end the nails are cut and bend downwards.
For the next two months I have new shoes!

Linie Pottok stallion Iratzia, Copyright by Christian PUBERT

Moni didn't know any other Pottok-Ponies, so she searched in the internet.
She became acquainted with a kind Frenchman named Christian PUBERT, who tries to present an actual international website about Pottok-Ponies.

Linie Pottok stallion Iratzia, Copyright by Christian PUBERT

He believes, that I am a grandchild of the great and famous Stallion Iratzia (1974 - 1999).

Linie Pottok stallion Résano and Christian Pubert 1988 in Paris, Copyright by Christian PUBERT

My father may have been the brown and white stallion Résano.
Christian confirm this, because Résano was one of 20 Iratziaīs sons which are stallions.
Résano was leased in a "Alsacian" stud where I was probably born and imported from.
I can not remember this time.

Linie the Pottok-Pony mare Datzia and other horses

Christian told her, that in Switzerland are about 80 Pottoks resident.
She was the first owner who contacted him from Germany.

Linie Swiss Pottok stallion Urkila

If you know a Pottok, please contact me !!!

Linie Pottok Pony mare Mirabelle

At the 15 of January 2013 Mirabelle stood by with a broken left rear hand on the paddock.
She had to be euthanized by a veterinarian.
Now she gallops through the Horse Heaven.


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