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the cat with the stub tail

 Peggy, the cat with the stub tail

Hello, I am Peggy, an active black-and-white drawn cat with a stub tail. I arrived briefly before Christmas 2004 at the Süsshof. There already live five cats. So it doesen´t matter if there is one more, I thought, and remained myselves.

 the male cat Black-Jack

Every day there comes a female tin-opener and serves to the tomcat Charly a whole tin of cat fodder! The tomcat Black Jack gets an other whole tin to eat. So Charly can take his time to eat.

 Peggy got always something to eat

Thus I went to the male cat Charly, if he was eating. I fished a bite from his plate. He hissed completely irritated at me and went away. Then the tin-opener packed me at the collar and through me into an closed room, until Charly was finished with eating. They probably thought, that would deter me and I would go away. But I noticed immediately that this can-opener is not really bad. Finally I got always something to eat.

 the found animal the she cat Peggy

When I was still there after some days, I was announced to the lost property office as a found animal. They set a find announcement into the newspaper. They did not want to put me up into the animal home "cat house", because I did not carry any inoculation document of identification with me.

 nobody is missing Peggy, the cat with the stub tail

My tin-opener hung up many notes with my picture and her telephone number in the purchase markets. She hoped that my first tin-opener recognizes me and take me back. Several tin-openers called her, because their black-and-white male cat or she cats were missed. But none of them missed me.

 Peggy has been sterilized

My tin-opener does not want to have through-feed still the new generation of me in the spring. That's why she brought me to the veterinary surgeon. He sterilized and inoculated me. He gave me something against worms. He estimates me on year 2003.

 Charly had too much stress because of Peggy

One week, after my arrival here, Charly ran away. He had too much stress here. Perhaps I used also his favourite sleeping place. He is realy an old male cat and a little too sensitively.

 Peggy and the male cat Balou

I am anyhow well. Sometimes only the black male cat Balou hunts me. He cannot suffer me probably. So do I.

 the immunized cat

One month later, my can-opener went again with me to the veterinary surgeon. I got the second inoculation against cat cold, cat epidemic and rabies. Now I am immunized and have peace for one year. I got rubbed a means against fleas in the neck, and after three days an other worm tablet.

 Amber, the Border Collie dog

Amber, the Border Collie dog of the yard likes me. She licks me even off. Only if I run into her dwelling, as soon as the door is opend, she grumbles with me. But I am persistent.

 Peggy loves running

If my can-opener is on the yard, I observe exactly, what she is doing. If she goes out of my observation range, I run past with raised stub tail at her to my next observation position. That makes fun!

 the cat likes to be stroked

I can be stroke terribly gladly at my little head. If someone wants to raise me, I try to come however fast away.

 the cat is registered by TASSO

So that I can be identified in the future, my tin-opener let register me by TASSO. TASSO is a central domestic animal register, to which all domestic animals can be announced by their owners free of charge. They get then a passport with the description of the animal and octagonal aluminum a mark with the personal registration number of the animal, which is located also in the passport. The mark is hung on collar. If the animal gets lost once and is found finally by other humans, then these can call the telephone number of TASSO, which is written on the mark. There one recognizes the animal on the basis of the in-punched number and informs the owner, so that he can fetch it fast again. Stupid way I lost it together with that collar.

 every cat is a special one

After 6 months a lost-clothing changes into the possession of the Finders, if nobody announces itself. My new tin-opener wanted not to keep me however and searched for me after a nice and warm placeto stay. In the summer 2005 I got a new home. My old tin-opener guessed the new tin-opener not to leave me only for a few weeks from the house until I am been versed there and become boring me. I observed also everything there from safe hiding places. After two days the new tin-openers left me out, and I returned to the meal! Otherwise I feel outside better.  

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