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Pottok Standard A

Linie Pottok Pony

The home of the Pottoks is based in the Pays-Basque Region. It is situated in the west of France and in the north of Spain. There is not much known about the Basque origin. Their language is not directly related with any other European language. Up until recently, the Basque has kept their own language and culture.

Linie Pottok Pony mares

In this continent a Pony breed could survive, which origin is also lying in the dark. In the France and the Spain Region Pays-Basque were found prehistoric cave paintings which show these animals.

Linie Pottok Pony breeding mares

Today most of the Pottoks are still living free in the bask mountains. They live in the wilderness.The mountains make them tough and hardly. It helped them to survive in the early days and to continue to survive today under hard conditions. The great variety of use of this horse breed is a reverence of the adaptation ability.

Atlantic Pyreneans (Basque)
Pottok de montagne      45 - 52 inch in high      (115 - 132 cm)
Pottok de Prairie         47 - 58 inch in high      (120 - 147 cm)
all brown-, sorrel - and black shade. As well as all piebald with one or more of these colours
straight line or slight concav profile; short, high based and forward fixed ears; attentive and intelligent eyes
short neck with dense mane which reach up to the withers
slight slanting shoulder; broad chest; Long back; short, sloping croup; thick, deep based tail
dry and strong extremities, small hard hoofs
lively and powerfull
great variety of use, mostly for riding and going by carriage. Sometimes used for therapie riding
easily satisfied , very frugal; tough and tireless; very sure footed

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                         Pottok-Ponys - some Pottok-Ponys introduce themself
                         The Pottok - the little horse from the Basque
                         Pottok Standard A - the French breeding description of the Pottok Ponys group A
                         Pottok Standard B - the French breeding description of the Pottok Ponys group B
                         The Pottoka - the spanish Poni Vasco Navarro
                         Bern 2003 - the Pottok-Breeding-Show
                         Burgdorf 2005 - the Pottok-Breeding-Show
                         Elevage du Bruehli- the Pottok-Pony stud farm
                         Ascain 2007- the Pottok judge in the Basque country
                         La Rhune 2007- the mountain of the Pottok Ponys
                         Garris 2007- The horse market in the Basque country

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