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Pottok Pony mare HUE de QUEM
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Pottok Pony HUE de QUEM

Hello, I am HUE de QUEM
I am a Pottok Pony mare Section A.
I am 55 inches.
I was born in 1995.
With my owner Andrea Staub I live in Rothrist.
I was three years old when I was brought to Switzerland.
Here I was trained to western riding,
at the same time fixed myself to one person.
We love to ride without a saddle and a bit in the summer time.
Sometimes we take part to a "Patrouillen" riding.
I have a good staying power on longer ridings.
I am not skittish, even if a tree is falling down 100 yards beside me.
At the winter time I am very powerful.
I don't need horseshoes.