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Pottok Pony mare Léoni II
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thoroughbred Pottok Pony

The thoroughbred Pottoks in group A are described as follows:
   Very robust pony;
   straight line profile;
   short, high based and forward fixed ears;
   attentive and intelligent eyes;
   short neck with dense mane which reaches up to the withers;
   slight slanting shoulder;
   broad chest;
   Long back;
   short, sloping croup;
   thick, deep based tail;
   correct leg position;
   dry and strong extremities;
   small hard hooves.
   The coat colour can be brown-, sorrel - and black shade.
   As well as all piebald with one or more of these colours.
   White Pottok horses do not exist !!!
   They are between 45 and 58 inches high. (115 cm - 147 cm)
   The average height for purebred ponies living in the mountains is 51 inches (130 cm).
   The horses which grow up on the plains and feed more in the winter grow higher.

The Pottok - the little horse from the Basque